The company’s investment objective is to achieve capital appreciation by arbitraging the demographic risk in the life settlement business. This strategy offers uncorrelated returns from traditional capital markets.

Life settlements as an investment

Offers a superior uncorrelated alternative to long-term fixed-income securities.

Bond-like characteristics with superior returns.

  • Mortality is uncorrelated with traditional capital markets.
  • Low Downside Risk –loss would require multiple miracle cures and/or life-insurer failures.
  • Low Volatility –individual mortality risks are diversified away.
  • Each year a person does not die increases the probability he/shewill die the following year.
  • Death is always the final outcome, which means policy market value rises with time.


Substantial Upside potential.

  • Spreads narrow continuously as the market in life settlement contracts becomes more efficient
  • Securitization or “block sale” of the portfolio is likely to allow an earlier exit at a higher return.