Shareholding Structure

The following table sets forth information on 06 October 2017 with respect to the beneficial ownership and voting rights of Acheron Portfolio Luxembourg S.A. shares by each person who is known to be the beneficial owner of more than 5% of Acheron Portfolio Luxembourg S.A.’s issued share capital.

Shares % of voting rights
Number of shares issued 70,360,794
A Shares 45,446,946
B Shares 14,596,098
D Shares 7,600,000
E Shares 1,525,000
F Shares 1,014,000
G Shares 126,750
Significant shareholders* 10,666,546 Shares 15.16%
8,100,000 Shares 11.51%
4,201,746 Shares 5.97%

* Credit Suisse Client Nominees (UK) Limited holds 10,666,546 A Shares acting as custodian for Metage Funds Limited.

Ahmose S.A. holds 4,201,746 B Shares.

Effil II S.A. holds 6,600,000 D Shares and 1,500,000 E Shares.